Financial Support

Your contributions allow us to enhance the educational experience of the students we serve, and to serve as resource to the community. Your gifts make a difference, and will continue to help us grow.  

Please view our video to learn more about why the work of The Ellis School of Atlanta is so desperately needed in our community and how you can help!


Donate Now

What a gift to ESoA can do:

-Provide a book for our library ($25)

-Send a child to camp ($295)

-Provide a scholarship for educational services


Intern or Volunteer

We encourage a teaching and learning environment at the Ellis School of Atlanta, which extends to those looking to expand their knowledge through further degrees, certifications, or student teaching hours. For more information about becoming an intern or gaining student teaching hours at ESoA, please contact Maggie Miller

We have a great need for passionate and resourceful volunteers to help make our school program and community outreach successful. If you are interested in volunteering, apply here.


Wish List

There are a few things we can always use to enrich our classroom and outreach events.

-Office Depot giftcards

-Classroom Materials from our Amazon Wish list

To discuss in-kind donations, please contact